Friend Collector: American Demos LP

-34% Friend Collector: American Demos LP

It would be a surprise if Friend Collector was actually out there making good on their name and actually, you know, making friends. However, judging by the sort of nihilistic noise and message that comes together on the band's debut album they probably aren't winning them over in droves. As has been the case with Jason Donnells' past projects such as The New Flesh and Pfisters, where they dished out yet a similar brand of unrelenting brand of noise rock. Where does Friend Collector stand in the mix of things? Well, certainly more towards the frustrated and violent characteristics of The New Flesh and not so much the more rock'n'roll or Jesus Lizard type of sound that Pfisters presented. However, that's not to say that Friend Collector doesn't bring together a bit of both here. There is definitely noticeable hints of rhythm here and there as opposed to the straight run of monotony of a Swans -like bludgeoning. There is still certainly plenty of that as well though, leaving it loud and bursting at the seams with bass and drums. Showing their disgust to those that are misinformed and inept at making commentary towards their country, it certainly adds to the levels of intensity and vitriol that spews forth from collection of tracks here. Friend Collector successfully creates the type of imagery of a spiraling present and a not so bright future if current trends continue. Purple marble vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert, stickers and digital download coupon. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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Tags: noise rock, friend collector, terra firma