Hands Up Who Wants to Die: Nil All LP

-23% Hands Up Who Wants to Die: Nil All LP

Hands Up Who Wants to Die's third album is here. It's a co-release between the band and three great labels: Human Worth in the UK, Sleeping Giant Glossolalia in the US and Fonoradar in the EU/Poland.

The record was again engineered and mixed by John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Lankum, Black Midi, Caroline) and Ian Chestnutt (Shifting, Cormorant Tree Oh, Crowhammer) at Guerrilla Sound Studios. Mastered by Harvey Birrell.

The album expands upon the delicate → brutal spectrum found on the bandsprevious LP, Vega in the Lyre, pushing further into spacious light and claustrophobic void. They've twisted minimal musical ideas in various directions, with Spud’s sonic orchestration harnessing the exploration of sinuous melodies, elastic time and delicate micropolyphony. Since you asked.

It is the band's first release featuring Ten Past Seven’s Rory O’Brien on lyrical duties, five years after their first gig with him at the helm. Themes include strange histories and characters enduring, often out of delusion. The anomalies and warped stories, barely believable. Life as a zero-sum game, brutal and absurd.

The artwork is again by Matt Hedigan, the Hands Up Who Wants to Die bass player. He and Rory collaborated to distill a large and excellent body of work down to the album layout.

Red vinyl in full colour sleeve.

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Tags: noise rock, hands up who wants to die, fonoradar records, human worth, sleeping giant glossolalia