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Aube: Grind Carve LP

Akifumi Nakajima was probably best known for his w..

21.00€ 16.90€

Barstool Mountain: III CD

"Texture. A nice word, wouldn’t you say, settling ..

12.00€ 8.90€

Brume: Ainsi Soit-il! LP

Alone, you have to listen to Brume alone, and lie ..

20.00€ 13.90€

Brume: Friction LP

Brume (Christian Renou) is a prolific French musiq..


Brume: The Rusty Seeds LP

Project of the French composer Christian Renou, be..

26.00€ 20.00€

Clew of Theseus: The Death Urge LP

Two long tracks of organic, brooding drone with ra..

17.00€ 12.90€

Club Skull: The Origins of... LP

Akifumi Nakajima was probably best known for his w..

25.00€ 19.90€

Contrastate: Régiment de Rapaces LP

Segerhuva proudly presents "Regiment de Rapaces" -..

17.00€ 13.90€

Controlled Bleeding: Headcrack LP

Released as a vinyl-only album on Sterile Records ..

25.00€ 19.90€

Daniel Menche: Primal Fictions LP

"Primal Fictions" may sound like the early work ..

18.00€ 13.90€

De Fabriek: Made in Spain LP

Official reissue of this experimental industrial e..

20.00€ 12.90€

Dreamdecay: Yú LP

Vinyl condition: Near mint, black vinylSleeve cond..


Dødsmaskin: Ødelagt LP

The fourth full length and the first LP from the N..

22.00€ 15.00€

Engürdetz: Svin LP

"Svin" was issued in 1987 in the staggering amount..

20.00€ 12.90€

FTR: Manners LP

Since 2013, FTR evolves in a noisy cold atmosphere..

18.00€ 10.90€

Helm: Axis LP

London exploratory industrialist Luke Younger char..

25.00€ 15.90€

Irgun Z'wai Leumi: Klirrfaktor LP

New recordings from the un-prolific and Hatband-re..

17.00€ 13.90€

Jim Haynes: Turbulence LP

"Turbulence" is a prequel of sorts, with two twent..

19.00€ 15.90€

Love 666: Armed Resistance LP

Never released before "Armed Resistance" is Love 6..

18.00€ 15.90€

Lunacy: Age of Truth LP

Pennsylvania’s dark shadow figure, Lunacy, has be..

18.00€ 12.90€

Lunacy: Echo in the Memory LP

Lunacy’s "Echo in the Memory" continues the story ..

19.00€ 12.90€

Lunacy: Just the Beginning... LP

“Just The Beginning” is the documentation of the f..

18.00€ 12.90€

Maurizio Bianchi: Mectpyo Bakterium LP

"Mectpyo Bakterium" is a work furnished of implaca..

18.00€ 14.90€

Merzbow / Askew: Level Split LP

The first in a series of concept split albums, "Le..

25.00€ 16.90€

Merzbow: Tamayodo Picture LP

This limited release represents a true gem for all..

30.00€ 19.90€

Minamata: Mit Lautem Geschrei LP

For the first time ever vinyl remastered reissue o..

20.00€ 17.90€

Mnem: Engrama LP

This material is a re-release of their first 10" w..