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Girls in Synthesis: Shift in State LP

With the release of their debut album at the end o..

25.00€ 19.90€

Glose: The Second Best of Glose LP

Glose is a four piece band from Seattle, Washingto..

19.00€ 13.90€

HAAN: Sing Praises MLP

Over the last few years, a sudden rush of bands dr..

Starting From 4.90€

Hands Up Who Wants to Die: Nil All LP

Hands Up Who Wants to Die's third album is here. I..

18.00€ 13.90€

Haystack: Right at You LP

Debut album from 1996 by the Swedish noise rock ba..

Starting From 16.90€

Haystack: Slave Me LP

The second Haystack album, "Slave Me" finally avai..

Starting From 16.90€

Haystack: The Sacrifice LP

A Swedish power noise punk metal rock group founde..

Starting From 15.90€

Hint: Rareties of Two Centuries LP

Collection of rare recordings by this legendary Fr..

17.00€ 10.90€

Idles: Crawler 2LP

"Crawler" mastered at half-speed (45rpm), pressed ..

35.00€ 25.90€

Jessica 93: s/t LP

Reissue of Jessica 93's debut album from 2012. Bla..

15.00€ 6.90€

Job: Meaningless LP

Job is an instrumental band from Chicago whose m..

18.00€ 9.90€

Leather Slave: s/t LP

Vinyl condition: Near mint, black vinylSleeve cond..


Lebanon Hanover: Tomb For Two LP

"Sadness is Rebellion" is a powerful anthem that b..

25.00€ 17.90€

Light Screamer: Switch LP

Light Screamer was formed in Örebro, Sweden, in 20..

15.00€ 6.90€

Loins: s/t MLP

PLEASE NOTE!!! The remaining copies all have eithe..

18.00€ 12.90€

Luggage: Three CD

Limited CD edition of a cassette originally releas..

10.00€ 6.00€

Lysistrata: Breathe In/Out 2LP

A powerful French trio with a sound which is inspi..

26.00€ 19.90€

Mark Deutrom: The Value of Decay 2LP

Mark Deutrom, probably best known as an ex-member ..

18.00€ 10.90€

Martin Bisi: Solstice LP

Beloved as an engineer, producer, and central figu..

20.00€ 6.90€

Melvins: Hostile Ambient Takeover LP

The 2002 release available for the first time on v..

25.00€ 19.90€

Melvins: Nude With Boots LP

The classic Melvins album back on vinyl in limited..

26.00€ 22.90€

Melvins: Stag 2LP

The final album in the Melvins major label span, "..

25.00€ 19.90€

Melvins: The Bride Screamed Murder LP

The classic Melvins album back on vinyl in limited..

26.00€ 19.90€

Melvins: Working With God LP

The new studio album from Melvins featuring their ..

20.00€ 16.90€

Model Citizen: s/t LP

What do you get when you throw a bored-out-of-his-..

16.00€ 12.90€

Neutral: Live På Autodidaktik LP

Everyone who reads this most likely have the same ..

19.00€ 15.90€

No Form: s/t MLP

A boundary-pushing record from the North of Englan..

14.00€ 6.90€

Nothing: Blue Line Baby MLP

2018 RSD release featuring three tracks (2 previou..

16.00€ 9.90€

Odonis Odonis: Post Plague LP

Odonis Odonis’ latest epic, Post Plague, delivers ..

22.00€ 14.90€

Overdose Support: Try Dying LP

Whatever became of the fabled Generation X of the ..

15.00€ 2.90€

Part Chimp: Drool LP

In the psychic wastelands of the 21st century, one..

25.00€ 16.90€

Pink Room: Putain Royale LP

From the first track of "Putain Royale", Belgian p..

22.00€ 18.90€

Pitchshifter: Industrial LP

Marking 30 years since its original release comes ..

27.00€ 19.90€

Portobello Bones / Ouled El Raï / Hint: Split 10"

Forgotten gem from the French noise rock scene, al..

10.00€ 5.00€

Preoccupations: Arrangements LP

The Calgary post-punkers, Preoccupations, are back..

25.00€ 18.90€

Preoccupations: New Material LP

Preoccupations’ songs have always worked through t..

Starting From 19.90€

Preoccupations: s/t LP

When the four members of Preoccupations wrote and ..

25.00€ 18.90€

Pressed: Mirrored Body LP

The highly anticipated debut ripper from Memphis b..

22.00€ 17.90€