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Kilslug: A Curse and Two Singles LP

Long time coming, this record collects Kilslug's c..

Starting From 22.00€

Kim Phuc: Copsucker LP

Vinyl condition: Near mint, blue marble vinylSleev..


Kong: Snake Magnet LP

Vinyl condition: Near mint, gold vinylSleeve condi..


Kælan Mikla: Nótt Eftir Nótt LP

Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla returns for the group’s..

23.00€ 19.90€

Laughing Hyenas: Merry Go Round 2LP

With their roots firmly planted in Detroit’s Cass ..

28.00€ 19.90€

Laughing Hyenas: You Can't Pray a Lie LP

With their roots firmly planted in Detroit’s Cass ..

24.00€ 18.90€

Leather Slave: s/t LP

Vinyl condition: Near mint, black vinylSleeve cond..


Light Screamer: BJF EP 7"

Excellent Swedish noise rock! Includes the Cherubs..

6.00€ 1.50€

Light Screamer: Gauss LP

Debut album from the Örebro, Sweden based noise ro..

15.00€ 6.90€

Light Screamer: Switch LP

Light Screamer was formed in Örebro, Sweden, in 20..

15.00€ 6.90€

Loins: s/t MLP

Loins is a band from Helsinki, Finland that was fo..


Love 666: Armed Resistance LP

Never released before "Armed Resistance" is Love 6..

18.00€ 15.90€

Luggage: Three CD

Limited CD edition of a cassette originally releas..

10.00€ 6.00€

Lysistrata: Breathe In/Out 2LP

A powerful French trio with a sound which is inspi..

26.00€ 19.90€

Mansion: Early Life LP

Don't mistake this band for the Finnish Mansion an..

16.00€ 6.90€

Mark Deutrom: Ruckus Juice MLP

Mark Deutrom, probably best known as an ex-member ..

15.00€ 8.90€

Martin Bisi: Solstice LP

Beloved as an engineer, producer, and central figu..

20.00€ 6.90€

Meat Wave: Malign Hex LP

Coming fresh off the back of last year's EP V..

25.00€ 19.90€

Melee: s/t CD

Italian math-core-duo!DigipakMelee by Melee..

4.00€ 2.00€

Melvins: Dale Crover MLP

Dale Crover is one of three solo EP releases by Me..

20.00€ 14.90€

Melvins: Five Legged Dog 4LP

The first ever acoustic record from the Melvins cl..

62.00€ 49.90€

Melvins: Joe Preston MLP

Joe Preston is one of three solo EP releases by Me..

20.00€ 14.90€

Melvins: King Buzzo MLP

King Buzzo is one of three solo EPs by Melvins, ..

20.00€ 14.90€

Melvins: Nude With Boots LP

The classic Melvins album back on vinyl in limited..

26.00€ 22.90€

Melvins: Ozma LP

2018 vinyl reissue of one of the most classic Melv..


Melvins: Stag 2LP

The final album in the Melvins major label span, "..


Mercury 4°F: Phased LP

Vinyl condition: Near mintSleeve condition: Near m..


Metz: Atlas Vending LP

“Change is inevitable if you’re lucky,” says guita..

Starting From 20.00€

Metz: s/t LP

Canada’s METZ are a return to everything that’s go..