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Basement Family: Eerie Ennui LP

This is a tough one to explain, but that’s part of..

23.00€ 17.90€

Dug: Pain Machine LP

The second album from the Minneapolis noise rock/d..

24.00€ 16.90€

Dug: s/t LP

Minneapolis doom/noise duo Dug spent years touring..

20.00€ 16.90€

Flooding: s/t LP

Flooding is an American indie rock/slowcore band f..

25.00€ 19.90€

Glowing Brain: Brain Dust LP

Ripping, thrashing, frenetic noise rock outfit fro..

25.00€ 18.90€

Infinity Land: Honest Comedy LP

Aggressive, sludgy, 90’s style noise rock and then..

24.00€ 19.90€

Moon Pussy: s/t LP

The self-titled LP by the Denver noise punk trio M..

20.00€ 15.90€

Pink Room: Putain Royale LP

From the first track of "Putain Royale", Belgian p..

22.00€ 18.90€