Ingrina: Etter Lys 2LP

-61% Ingrina: Etter Lys 2LP

"Etter Lys" bears the markings of a deep affection for all music genres labeled with the “post-“ prefix. Post-metal would be the default category for a rock record as orchestral, textured as this one, though such a labelling would overshadow Ingrina’s most noteworthy qualities. What sets this particular band apart from its peers is the grit instilled in their music, more rooted in the aesthetic of garage punk bands than the likes of sludge metal acts. Ingrina is more of a post-hardcore with a transcendent post-rock edge, at the midpoint between DIY-venue loud-rock and deeply evocative, quasi-orchestral soundscapes.

Black vinyl in black/white gatefold sleeve.

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Tags: post hardcore, sludge, post rock, ingrina, a tant rever du roi, vox project, medication time records, dingleberry records