Jessica93: Rise LP

-47% Jessica93: Rise LP

''Rise'' is the second Jessica93 (shoegaze/punk/coldwave one man band from the northern suburbs of Paris) full lenght record just released one year after his first LP (''Who Cares'', named album of the year 2013 by the French New Noise Magazine). These seven tracks are more serious and darker than before with improvements on vocal parts. The final result can be compared to a mix of JK Broadrick projects (Godflesh and Jesu among others) and the darkest works of The Cure (''Pornography'' era). Releasing one record each year since 3 years, Geoffroy Laporte establishes himself as a studioholic musician with this brand new effort! Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with digital download coupon. Second pressing of 1000 copies.

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Tags: post punk, shoegaze, jessica93, music fear satan