Masonna: Shinsen Na Clitoris LP

Masonna: Shinsen Na Clitoris LP

The supreme voice of Japanese noise first full length CD from 1990 originally on Vanilla Records. Here on vinyl for the first time with audio preparation by Kris Lapke. What would become an inimitable explosion of energy and vision from Japan heralded in the glory days of 90’s alternative rock, death metal, and psychedelic synth music Masonna surpassed all extremes with a full frequency violence that was as fast as it was psychedelic. Not once has any artist emerged with more intensity and focus in the history of noise. It was said onstage that Masonna has reduced the pure elements of classic rock, the guitar stack, the feedback, and the lead singer to an explosive few seconds of visceral feedback, metallic noise from the physical shaking and pressure of his fist around the shaker, processed through the self described ‘harshtronics’ and indeed ending in ‘exclamation!’. Presented in immaculate sleeve recreated original art with poster and insert.

Available on black vinyl (edition of 300 copies), magenta splatter vinyl and picture disc.

Not to be missed! If you have wondered where to start in the vast and increasingly difficult to find discography of this legend look no further.

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