Nernes/Skagen: Confession LP

-50% Nernes/Skagen: Confession LP

With dissemination of anxiety, confusion, humiliation, darkness, conflict, cruelty, nihilism, inferno and all kinds of other evil, Lautréamonts fictional character Maldoror attempts to demonstrate the hated mankind its own badness. With the second album of their experimental project Nernes/Skagen, Kjetil Nernes and Stian Skagen, both members of the noise rock/chaos formation Årabrot, want to tell the story of a contemporary Maldoror. However, the Norwegian duo aims not to set the literary text to music, but to generate appropriate moods. Instead of coarse words, as with Lautréamont, "Confession" is told with massive guitar drones and abstract electronic noise. The inhospitable and distant sounds create a quite dark atmosphere. In the vein of Earth and Khanate, Nernes/Skagen create narrative soundscapes that are tentatively searching through an eerily desolate dark. Black vinyl in black/gold sleeve.

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Tags: noise, drone, ambient, industrial, doom, experimental, nernes, skagen, fysisk format, arabrot