Neutral: Live På Autodidaktik LP

-16% Neutral: Live På Autodidaktik LP

Everyone who reads this most likely have the same reason to do this and know what it’s all about. As said in previous sales pitches - Gothenburg is the centre of the universe. It’s a bold statement, but it’s possible to make it fairly un-challenged because everyone more or less knows that it’s true. There are a few essentials pieces who give these words credibility - but no one ave proven to be more bearing, more of an essential cornerstone than Neutral.

Dan Johansson and Sofie Herner are known under variety of different names. Be it Herner’s Leda or Johansson’s Sewer Election - or in groups such as Amateur Hour, Enhet För Fri Musik, Heinz Hopf or whatever - it’s nonetheless the foundation on which we stand, which we have their efforts to thank.

Originally released in 2017 on cassette in 50 units total - now you can enjoy the live experience of Neutral in high-end lo-def, which holds up perfectly after being remastered for vinyl from the original tape.

300 copies on 180g vinyl with a retrospective insert (containing comments and recollections from Sofie, the promoter Johan Sahlin & Mattias of Happiest Place) and images, in equal low-def!

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Tags: experimental, noise, rock, noise rock, neutral, happiest place records, sewer election, heinz hopf