Post/Boredom: Ritualistic Time Abuser LP

-45% Post/Boredom: Ritualistic Time Abuser LP

Post/Boredom came to be in 2015, and has been in its current lineup since the beginning of 2017. The members have all played music together in a slew of bands previously. The sound of the Pacific Northwest certainly influences what they have been playing, but also their growth as bandmates has naturally helped them make the sound they currently create today.

Post/Boredom has toured the west coast twice, and were listed on Kerrangs list of “8 Seattle bands keeping the city’s heavy legacy alive” in 2018.

On a personal level, drummer Jeffrey Poso has been playing in The Helm for over a decade, who have recorded material for Hex Records. Because of that association he kept me in the loop of what musical projects he had going. Some of those various groups included current Post/Boredom bandmates Billy Hamilton (bass/vocals) and guitarist Pamela Sternin. When I first heard the band I was interested in their heavy and loose rock approach, a change from the sludgy hardcore of The Helm. After an initial demo they recruited vocalist Rachel Lynch to step in after their initial front person left. From there came the “Shaking Hands With Clients” EP and a renewed group emerged, complete with their own sound, which I found very exciting.

For their debut full-length, “Ritualistic Time Abuser”, the band recorded once again with friend Jeffery McNulty at Killroom Studios in Georgetown. He also engineered the “Shaking Hands With Clients” EP in 2018. And again, Brad Boatright at Audiosiege was hired to handle the mastering.

Post/Boredom are big fans of bands like Deadguy, Nirvana, Shellac, Harkonen, and KARP. Do they sound like those bands? Maybe, but that’s, like, your call.

Purple splatter vinyl (limited to 100 copies) in full colour sleeve with insert and digital download coupon.

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