Pygmy Shrews: The Egyptian LP

-45% Pygmy Shrews: The Egyptian LP

Pygmy Shrews were a wounded Sikorsky chopper on a doomed final mission, chugging across debris-filled skies in search of a final way out, or maybe some kind of post-apocalyptic wheeled conveyance, part lawn tractor, part tiller, all menace and powered by some greasy substance you don't want to consider, but running somehow, dirtily and fast, and on the verge of total failure and collapse. The Shrews were a group with an aggressive, fatalistic task at their capable hands: to add a musical vocabulary to the feelings of desolation, despair, worry and distrust. If the emotion started with a 'd', it might be applicable, and this band might've made appropriate sounds for it.

Members came from bands like Drunkdriver, Zs, Cutter, the Fugue, Queening, Neon King Kong, Little Women etc. and played the sort of desolate scuzz that Greg Ginn might've fathered in a more enlightened time. That grimy torch still gets carefully passed, periodically. Past torchbearers include Texas' Cherubs, Olympia's Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, and just a few other blown-out warriors. The Shrews debut LP, "The Egyptian " is a raw example of the genre's most well-executed. These 10 songs were recorded by Colin Marston (Krallice, Behold the Arctopus) in his Queens, NY dungeon.

Green vinyl (2nd press) in full colour sleeve with insert. Limited and numbered to 204 copies.

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