Regler: Regel #1 LP

-60% Regler: Regel #1 LP

Regler is the killing new duo of Mattin (Billy Bao et al) and Anders "Drajan" Bryngelsson of Brainbombs/No Balls: it makes sense that Mattin would forge an alliance with Brainbombs as outside of Billy Bao they have been responsible for some of the most reprehensibly crude/extreme redux of contemporary rock'n'roll, reducing three chord punk plukes to ominous monochord minimalism cut with dopey sociophathic teen yucks and presenting the most wretched and degraded form of psych/rock/metal this side of an unholy amalgam of Pärson Sound, AC/DC and Merzbow. Here Mattin pushes the whole deal into distorted gridlock with two side long pieces, the first of which uses classic d-beat strategies combined with post-Lou Reed single chord amplifier worship to produce a thrifty wall of pulsating rock noise, crossing the dancing hallucinatory microtones of a Maryanne Amacher with the sludge of primo-Sabbath and the endless ascension style of your favourite Scandinavian drone/metal commune. Wall destroying. Over on the flip the duo apply corrosive 'dub' strategies to the same, with large blocks of erased sonics interrupted by occasional accidentals and signifiers of future rock form - the sound of a snare drum, a stray guitar harmonic - that proves silence is not only sexy, it's noisy as all hell. A massive, brain-erasing set of monomaniacal punk/avant rock violence from two of the loneliest braincells in strategic underground raunch. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 200 copies.

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