Brume: Ainsi Soit-il! LP

-31% Brume: Ainsi Soit-il! LP

Alone, you have to listen to Brume alone, and lie down far from the neon lights, traffic and gossips, with your lights filtered. In the dominating dark and night, Brume carries an atomized reality to a world where chaos rhymes with spatial waverings, where atmosphere is devoid of impurity, rich with sonorities and dense with emotions, for a mysterious but undoubtedly innovatory trip. In these days of mist, "Ainsi soit-il!" envelopes us with a rich, complex and experimental coat.

Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 250 copies.

  • Label: Rotorelief
  • Format: LP
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Tags: industrial, post industrial, electroacoustic, musique concrete, brume, rotorelief