Le Syndicat: Festin d'Acier LP

-16% Le Syndicat: Festin d'Acier LP

"Festin d'Acier" is perhaps the most industrial of Le Syndicat's albums, even though Le Syndicat always wanted to distance itself from industrial music . There are nevertheless rhythmic albums, not really bruitists, more musical but always powerful, and it's for those who appreciate these albums that "Festin d'Acier" is designed. The title is a deviation of Burroughs' best seller The Naked Lunch . To Le Syndicat, Burroughs is a visionary, describing a world that transforms itself, led by naturally human deviances: Power, domination, submission, cupidity. For Le Syndicat, we live this world and the naked lunch is what is left to eat during this Apocalypse. Eating the domination of the fascist liberal world, metal money, the leftovers of our glorious dismantled industries. "Festin d'Acier", an end of the world deed, a desperate and nihilist music, a danse of death... but also a praise of strength encouraging to rebellion. There's blood, sweat, survival instinct, muscles that move, truth down there...

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 333 copies.

  • Label: Rotorelief
  • Format: LP
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Tags: industrial, post industrial, electroacoustic, musique concrete, le syndicat, rotorelief