Vivenza: Fondements Bruitistes 1 LP

Out Of Stock Vivenza: Fondements Bruitistes 1 LP

For the first time ever the entire "Fondements Bruitistes" session from 1984 with unreleased tracks. "The Bruitist Foundations of Action" (French title "Fondements Bruitistes d'Action"), which came out in October 1984, opens the period in Vivenza's work on Bruitist sound when he started to incorporate the question of the relationship that holds between the technological and mechanical industrial fabric – which makes up the reality of the modern world – and the human and social environment.

Born in 1957, Jean-Marc Vivenza is a French writer, philosopher, composer, musician and musicologist strongly influenced by esoteric currents. Devoted to sound and musical experimentalism, Vivenza work aims specially the electroacoustic and futurism. Nâgârjuna, René Guénon, Jacob Boehme, Joseph de Maistre, Martinès de Pasqually, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin or Jean-Baptiste Willermoz are some of is his past and present influences.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies.

  • Label: Rotorelief
  • Format: LP
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Tags: industrial, post industrial, electroacoustic, musique concrete, vivenza, rotorelief