Brume & Edward Sol: Grey LP

-28% Brume & Edward Sol: Grey LP

Christian Renou a.k.a. Brume teams up with Edward Sol, from the Ukraine, where he runs his Quasipop label, and, who knows, the Sentimental label, of which this is the first release. This is one of those 'music by mail' collaborations. On the first side Edward Sol created all the music using sounds from Brume and on the other side it's vice versa. Sol has 'treatments, reel tapes, loops, electronics, Polivoks, synth, voice' while Brume uses 'treatments and re-composition, additional sound sources, mix & voice', which may be just minor differences. It shows in the music too; one has to turn the record over, so you know someone else is responsible for the mix, but in all of the ten pieces on this record there is not a lot of difference in approaches. All of these pieces are dark and textured pieces of treated sound, with quite some loops running around at the same time, some of these slowed down and all of this going through a whole bunch of sound effects, to create some intense sound patterns. Sometimes one ecognizes an instrument, a guitar or saxophone in 'Short Harvest', but most of the times the sources are very hard to decipher. Spooky music with a strong cinematic approach. Musique concrete of a rather modern nature. Densely orchestrated, short and to the point, exactly how we like those things.

Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. Limited edition of 100 copies.

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Tags: musique concrete, experimental, electroacoustic, brume, edward sol, sentimental productions