Endon: Acme Apathy Amok MCD

-55% Endon: Acme Apathy Amok MCD

Endon is an experimental acoustic collective from Tokyo, first gathered in 2007 in order to bring a decisive rally on contemporary extreme music. In addition to a conventional band formation of vocal, guitars, and drums, there are two additional electronics performers, allowing them to create harsh, distinctive sounds in various chaotic mix of styles ranging from noise, hard core, black metal, industrial, to grind core, through an absolutely physical embodiment of pure hard core mentality. Their staging can be characterized as a plethora of physical and acoustic momentum, with destructive performances involving self-mutilation and bleeding, receiving high critical acclaims in the underground live scenes and are touted as one of the most exciting acts.

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Tags: noise, harsh noise, grind core, black metal, experimental, doom metal, endon, [...]dotsmark