The Gary: Farewell Foolish Objects LP+CD

-36% The Gary: Farewell Foolish Objects LP+CD

"Farewell Foolish Objects" is the fifth album by the other little old band from Texas, The Gary. This time around, we find them battered and bruised from loves lost and lives rearranged, but steadfastly vertical and plodding forward. Songs of insomnia, divorce, urban sprawl, strange childhood memories, bombastic arrival, cautious optimism, possibility, and a Mountain Goats cover for good measure. The Gary began in 2008 as an informal gathering three friends with instruments, with no more ambition than to get together and break up the monotony of the workweek. Somewhere, between the discussions of music, family, favorite beer, and job-related woe, songs began to form, resulting in the "Chub" EP. Songs continued to accumulate, and an LP materialized- 2010's "Logan". The album was well-received, and The Gary began taking their act on the road. While in Chicago, they checked into Electrical Audio studios and recorded a session with Steve Albini. This was released in early 2011 as "El Camino". Their next album, "Remains", followed shortly after in fall 2012, along with a European tour and a string of dates with Mission Of Burma. 2014's "Farewell Foolish Objects" is their second release on Sick Room Records. The Gary is Dave Norwood (bass/vocals), Trey Pool (guitar), and Paul Warner (drums).

Black vinyl in black/white sleeve with CD version of the album included.

NOTE!!! All sleeves have slight creasing/corner bumps from shipping. If that bothers you, don't order. No returns accepted.

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Tags: post punk, noise rock, post hardcore, the gary, sick room records