V/A 4 in 1 Volume 5 LP+CD

-42% V/A 4 in 1 Volume 5 LP+CD

Another introduction into the Insane world of Alain Neffe!! Here is the 5th installment of the "4 IN 1" series on vinyl+CD featuring 4 early Insane groups.

More recent songs (2012) from the couple who never stopped. You never know what to expect from this crazy anti-pop duet, very hot (when you're hip)!!

Daniel Malempré is a long-time Insane collaborator (with Subject, Human Flesh or solo). Please find a special treat with instrumental eastern-influenced guitar melodies, recommended!!

Ultra dark miniatures from the late 80s/early 90s featuring M.A.L., Xavier S. and some Norwegian friends.

One of Alain's earliest solo experiments from the 70s inspired by cosmic kraut music!! Hallucinating gentle to harsh atmospheres that scream to be discovered after 40 years on the shelf!!

The vinyl comes with a CD version including 4 bonus tracks, one by each contributor. All tracks are exclusive to this LP+CD compilation.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert. Limited edition of 300 copies.

  • Label: EE Tapes
  • Format: LP+CD
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Tags: experimental, electronic, bene gesserit, m.a.l., human flesh, i scream, alain neffe, ee tapes