V/A The Devil's Jukebox 10x7" Box Set

V/A The Devil's Jukebox 10x7" Box Set

Ten 7" singles featuring Sonic Youth, Big Black, Head of David, Rapeman, Big Stick, UT, Dinosaur Jr., Ciccone Youth, Arsenal, Beme Seed, Band of Susans, A C Temple, Sun Ra, Glenn Branca, Butthole Surfers and Lunachicks.

Vinyl condition: Very good, minor scuffing may occur due to not originally coming in inner bag

Sleeve condition: Very good, some creasing to some of the Blast First die cut sleeves. Box number: #1148/1500

  • Label: Blast First
  • Format: Second Hand 10x7" Box Set
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 50.00€

Tags: noise rock, punk rock, experimental, alternative rock, blast first, second hand, sonic youth, big black, head of david, rapeman, big stick, ut, dinosaur jr, ciccone youth, arsenal, beme seed, band of susans, a c temple, sun ra, glenn branca, butthole surfers, lunachicks