12"/LP vinyl

12"/LP vinyl

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Nerver: Cash LP

Nerver are back with their second album, "Cash"! T..


Neutral: Live På Autodidaktik LP

Everyone who reads this most likely have the same ..

19.00€ 15.90€

No Form: s/t MLP

A boundary-pushing record from the North of Englan..

14.00€ 6.90€

Nothing: Dance on the Blacktop LP

Nothing’s third full-length recording, "Dance On T..

22.00€ 16.90€

Noxagt: Collection 1 LP

"Collection 1" is a compilation of unreleased mate..

17.00€ 8.90€

Odonis Odonis: No Pop LP

Since their blown-out 2011 debut, Toronto trio Odo..

22.00€ 14.90€

Odonis Odonis: Post Plague LP

Odonis Odonis’ latest epic, Post Plague, delivers ..

22.00€ 14.90€

Opéra Mort: Film Works LP

As part of the 2016 festival Night of the Experime..

18.00€ 9.90€

Orphx / JK Flesh: Light Bringer 2LP

'Light Bringer' documents with pristine detail and..

35.00€ 29.90€

Orphx: Fragmentation 4LP

"Fragmentation" was the third full-length album fr..

63.00€ 49.90€

Overdose Support: Try Dying LP

Whatever became of the fabled Generation X of the ..

15.00€ 2.90€

Pharmakon: Bestial Burden LP

Four days before New York noise musician Margaret ..

21.00€ 13.90€

Pharmakon: Contact LP

The release date of "Contact" marks the ten-year a..

21.00€ 13.90€

Pharmakon: Devour LP

"Devour" marks the fourth full-length record from ..

21.00€ 13.90€

Pink Room: Putain Royale LP

From the first track of "Putain Royale", Belgian p..

22.00€ 18.90€

Pinko: You & You LP

Pinko is a three-piece band from San Antonio, TX. ..

18.00€ 13.90€

Preoccupations: New Material LP

Preoccupations’ songs have always worked through t..

Starting From 25.00€

Quicksand: Distant Populations LP

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Distant Pop..

Starting From 21.90€