Coordinated Suicides: False Pleasure EP 7"

-64% Coordinated Suicides: False Pleasure EP 7"

Just when you think noise rock isn’t around or doesn’t sound like it did in the genre’s unequivocal peak in the late 1980s – 1990s, a band as fierce, plodding and heavy as Wisconsin’s Coordinated Suicides thrashes out of the prehistoric sludge.

Getting a name for themselves after self-releasing the excellent Life is Beautiful, produced by Steve Austin of Today is the Day fame, "False Pleasure" is the band’s first release on a label proper, by Chicago weirdo label AVRCRC, known for its unusual no-wave and noise cassette tape releases, and the group does not disappoint on their first label outing.

Splitting the vocal and songwriting duties between both guitarist Mike Martin and bassist Chris Joutras, Martin’s half opens with "Marnie", which starts with a lurching, hypnotic riff before jumping into a sludgy groove when Martin’s vocals kick in, shrieking away furiously until the chorus where he overlays his voice singing the bridge while he screams in the background. One part Unsane and one part Eyehategod.

"Tachycardia", Martin’s closer is full-on anger and angst in a short one minute and nineteen second hardcore rager, bring your earplugs.

Bassist Chris Joutras’ side begins with "Rabbits (v.2)", a re-recording of an earlier track by the band, combining riffs that wouldn’t be too out-of-place in a Jesus Lizard track while Chris wails amid the noise. Joutras’ closing track, "Milksops" thrashes with a blissful yet noisy punk energy and an aggro-meets-melodic bridge with haunting vocals courtesy of the bassist.

While the EP’s length only hits about 10 minutes, all four tracks hit the ground running, showing the power trio of Martin, Joutras and drummer Tim Chandler running on all cylinders, and standouts such as ‘Marnie’ and ‘Milksops’ really show the potential in this young noise band. A superb victory lap for a band with only one album under their belt, and it holds a lot of promise for the band’s future from here on out.

Black vinyl in black/white sleeve with digital download coupon.

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