Mei Zhiyong: Live in Switzerland LP

-34% Mei Zhiyong: Live in Switzerland LP

"Exploring the nature of the way, the body is a tool, thought is a program. All the manic, quiet, extreme, abnormal have been preset by procedures and tools, noise is the carrier of breaking all the rules, only impaling nothingness will real make you get rid of the contradiction between voice and body, between body and mind." That's how Mei Zhiyong describes his work and anybody having witnessed one of his performances can only agree. Mei Zhiyong is without doubt one of today's most exciting live act in the noise scene and aussenraum records is proud to present two performances on this LP.Following Mei's first Europe Tour in 2015 ("Ritual Protest Music", together with Dave Philipps) we selected Mei's second and last performance for this LP. First, a concert in Geneva's cave12 and then, around a month later, Mei's appearance at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival. The recordings are raw and un-treated; some would consider them as "not cut-able on vinyl" but thanks to the mastery of cutter Flo Kaufmann one can now listen to Mei's astonishing work on vinyl. The cave12 performance contains fragments of human utterances and abrupt changes whereas at LUFF the audience was exposed to a constant assault with more fluid transitions and even rhythmic patterns. Both concerts are a good example of Mei's excellent control of his equipment and improvising capabilities.

300 copies on 180g red vinyl with a cover by Flokim Lucas.

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Tags: noise, harsh noise, experimental, mei zhiyong, aussenraum records