Poutre / Gentle Veincut: Split LP

-69% Poutre / Gentle Veincut: Split LP

A Franco-German tag team on one nice piece of vinyl. Poutre from Arles, France kick off the record with two songs of their finest brand of noise rock/post-hardcore reminiscent of their countrymen Portobello Bones in their prime. The Frankfurt, Germany based Gentle Veincut released their debut album already back in 1995 and taking a short breather here and there, the band continues to pour from the blender crammed with an unhealthy dose of AmRep bands spiced with Sonic Youth. Three songs by Gentle Veincut finish off this split release. Black vinyl in screenprinted sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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  • 4.00€

Tags: noise rock, post hardcore, no wave, poutre, gentle veincut, et mon cul c'est tofu?, rejuvenation records, katatak, whosbrain records, assos'y'song, day off, gabu records, boomboom rikordz, amor komma