V/A The Transcendental Maggot's Revenge! 7"

-79% V/A The Transcendental Maggot's Revenge! 7"

Part three in Tsuguri Records' Transcendental Maggot compilation series, the first one already dating back to 2001 already. This third instalment contains tracks from Classhole (with Gary Mader of Eyehategod on guitar), Beige Eagle Boys, Toe Tag, Flag of Democracy and Ugly Americans, so you're sure to have your ears bleeding with this unhealthy concoction of filthy hardcore and noisy punk/rock nastiness. Black (limited to 200 copies) or yellow (limited to 100 copies) vinyl in black/white sleeve with artwork by Eric Harrison (Grief).

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Tags: punk, hardcore, sludge, noise rock, tsuguri records, classhole, beige eagle boys, toe tag, flag of democracy, ugly americans