Wolf Eyes: I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces LP

-28% Wolf Eyes: I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces LP

Wolf Eyes history stretches over 500 releases into the ether of the musical world: with units only normal instrument being a lone guitar thru the years: give and take some gongs and blues harmonica,: strings here put thru a John Cipollina- in year 2098 live thru a drag strip filter fuzz -damage direct from Baljo. Nathan Young provides vox & electronics from a woods possessed by a spirit thats both too ancient and too futuristic to gain comfort in its own proto- rural/urban musical environment. Final member John Olson rounds out the soundscape with electronics and woodwinds whose only job title can be known as conjuring "the gut of un-nameable menace" into sound. Here on "I Am a Problem": the trio are at their peak: relaxed but knife-focused : not a second is wasted on the streamlined atmosphere of scruffy scotch tape-electronics musique' concrete foundation of splatter used to raise up a monument of individualism and idiosyncratic homemade misfired dribbling rock and roll: again from the year 2098, with a new messed up misconfigured face.

In conclusion: We suggest you sit back, empty your brain gels: and let this problem sink/rip/boil into your blood stream and witness the wolf sound molecules fight their rugged way into your world-view/ personal vision and follow the dissonance to the streets to fight your own lone revolution, from scratch: at day one with your mind in pieces.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert.

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Tags: rock, noise, experimental, wolf eyes, third man records