Engürdetz: Svin LP

-36% Engürdetz: Svin LP

"Svin" was issued in 1987 in the staggering amounts of 18 (!) copies, sold to the close circuit of friends and with only a half-handful of copies going outside of Sweden (perhaps).

It was Engürdetz first & only solo release - a heavy set of compositions with heavy influence from the UK industrialists of the day - TG, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound - and the undisputed Swedish masters RJF.

Limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl - with remastered & cleaned audio from one of the scarce cassette copies.

Comes with an 8 page zine containing an interview with Drajan about the times & tales of Engürdetz.

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Tags: industrial, experimental, noise, engürdetz, happiest place records, brainbombs