V/A Shattered, Flattered & Covered - A Tribute to Unsane 2CD

-50% V/A Shattered, Flattered & Covered - A Tribute to Unsane 2CD
There's nothing that really needs to be said about Unsane anymore. Absolutely one of the most important noise rock bands ever. Period. "Shattered, Flattered & Covered - A Tribute to Unsane" is, like the name says, an international tribute to the band that has inspired so many others. Paying homage to Unsane songs are Pushmen, KEN mode, Suma, Turin Horse, Buildings, Maud, Faking, Seawhores, Irk, Fashion Week, Disasteratti, Hawks, Boy Division, Ex-Wives, Cult of Occult, Grizzlor, Membrane, Throat, Grizzly Daughter, Sinking Suns, Silent Front, Beige Eagle Boys, Child Bite, Sofy Major, Wayward, Multicult, Nudist, Flying Disk, Cani Sciorri, Lleroy and Joe 4. The double-CD comes in a double digipak with a booklet.
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Tags: noise rock, unsane, pushmen, ken mode, suma, turin horse, buildings, maud, faking, seawhores, irk, fashion week, disasteratti, hawks, boy division, ex-wives, cult of occult, grizzlor, membrane, throat, grizzly daughter, sinking suns, silent front, beige eagle boys, child bite, sofy major, wayward, multicult, nudist, flying disk, cani sciorri, lleroy, joe 4, antena krzyku