Bad American: American Dream LP

-62% Bad American: American Dream LP

Bad American are back with their second album in just as many years – these guys must be wicked, because there's clearly no rest for them. They seem to have honed their approach further with "American Dream", manipulating heavy '90s-ish AmRep riffing into an early '80s hardcore-punk template. One of these guys probably saw Black Flag live (you know, the first time around) and he has taken their aggressive, distinctly American form of anger as his own. The mid-paced tracks tend to groove more than slam, but the whole record flows pretty well, and the vocals of one Ray Gurz (Tile) still sound like vintage Carpenter Ant. Essential stuff! Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Tags: hardcore, punk, noise rock, noise punk, bad american, shogun records, tile