Black Sun / Throat: Split 7"

-50% Black Sun / Throat: Split 7"

Tenth instalment in the 12-part split 7" series by the Irish label, Hell Comes Home. Throat spits forth "Anal Paranoid", recorded in the same sessions as the "Pee" 7" and the split 7" with Fleshpress. Reverb, overdrive, smashed cymbals, paranoia, saliva and sweat - what did you expect? Black Sun storms through "Crawling Like a Leech", a ton-of-bricks in the form of violent and metallic post-hardcore combined with their obvious love for Swans and the like. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert. A very limited amount available separately from the Hell Comes Home "Volume 1" 12x7" box set.

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Tags: noise rock, sludge, doom, black sun, throat, hell comes home