Conduit: Drowning World LP

-50% Conduit: Drowning World LP

Things just got a whole lot darker and heavier around here. This hardcore noise hydra is built of parts of Twin Stumps, Pop. 1280, White Suns, and Squad Car. This circle of noise-channeling mediums create just what their name suggests, a conduit to the nightmarish subconscious, an unrelenting release of harsh and tortured nega-waves, anxiety-ridden sonic evidence of the truth: a doomed and drowning world.

Black vinyl in full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies.

NOTE!!! All sleeves have slight creasing/corner bumps from shipping. If that bothers you, don't order. No returns accepted.

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  • 7.50€

Tags: noise rock, noise punk, conduit, kitschy manitou records